Eye-popping colors & enhancing details.
We create quality swimwear, all with the same slim fit and custom cut. Delivered packaged in a useful waterproof bag.
Brallor is exclusively sold on our website combined with a few selected retailers. By eliminating the middle-man we can offer you qualitative swimwear for half the price compared to other brands. Btw, we also offer free world-wide shipping when ordering two pairs or more!


Brallor Originals is a Swedish swim-shorts brand. Swim-shorts are also called swimshorts, swim shorts, swim-trunks, swimwear and not a bikini. We design all swim-shorts in our workshop in Stockholm, Sweden.

Brallor creates high quality swimwear in eye-popping colors with fun prints and enhancing details. All with the same slim fit and custom cut. Packaged in a useful waterproof bag for storing valuables. Made for the enjoyable and rememberable moments in life!

We have models in white, blue, red, mint green, yellow and pink. We sell patterns that consists of dalahorses, floats, watermelon, anchors, ice cream and beer pong. The models are either part of the SS15 or SS16 collection. Perfect for sunbathing or taking a swim by the beach or pool. We call the models Anchor, Float, Melon, Dala, Beer Pong and Ice Cream.

Swedes have always been a travelling folk, exploring the world and its riches. Some say it’s in our blood since the Vikings but we don’t give much thought into it. We could tell you some made up story about the birth of our brand but we wont. There isn’t a long tradition or rich heritage, Brallor is just about qualitative swimwear in eye-popping colors with fun prints and enhancing details. Simply made for those enjoyable and memorable moments in life.

Whether you have a six-pack on your stomach or in your hand a pair of Brallor is for you. All of our swim-shorts have the same slim fit and custom cut. There is a Swedish saying, smaken är som baken which translates to the taste is like the butt, very strange, we know! However it basically means everyone has their own taste. All Brallor are packaged in a waterproof bag. Why package swimwear in a waterproof bag? Well, the bag store can store belongings while near water.

We love social media and you can visit our Instagram profile at @brallororiginals, with the tag #brallor or #brallororiginals and our Facebook page /brallororiginals. Our website is www.brallor.com and www.brallor.se.