We do things differently.

About us

We don’t have a long tradition, so why make one up?

Brallor was started 2015 because we think that dull is so terribly boring. Instead, we are driven by making creative, sustainable and colorful products of high quality while learning and having fun along the way!


Two maniacs

Everyone can probably recognize themselves with getting some crazy ideas sometimes. Imagine having someone on the other side of the table who gives you instant feedback and works hard to make your quirky ideas a reality. This is mostly how we work. We have fun while trying to create great products, for the most part, founded from madness. That's it about us.



Erik Sandberg

Awsome Designer


Emil Wallerstedt

Creative Genius

Who we are

Brallor was founded 2015 by two bros. The team grew and today we can be described as the world's best amateurs at making cool wearables, all born and raised in Stockholm. Maybe there was something in the drinking water, or perhaps we were all just tired of boring patterns and bad quality?

What we want

We don’t want to be like everyone else. With the environment in mind, we create high-quality products with unique prints, in eye-popping colors and bold details. For example, our sunglasses are manufactured by hand in Italy and our swim shorts are made of recycled plastic bottles. It’s that simple!

Simply sustainable

Did you know more than 8 tons of plastic is dumped into the sea each year? We recycle plastic bottles and make it into fabric. A couple of swim shorts correspond to roughly 5 bottles that otherwise would negatively effect the entire ecosystem – everything from polluting water to damaging wildlife.