Hejsan Everybody,

A lot of you may already know what Musikhjälpen is about by now. However, for the rest of you, we’ll start with a short recap of what it is, and this year’s theme.

One week in December every year, Musikhjälpen (Music Help), are broadcasting around the clock for a week to enlighten a current problem or disaster. During this week, through music and the involvement of the viewers they collect money to save lives. This year, Musikhjälpen are live from 10th to 16th of December from Stortorget in Lund, and this year the subject is: Everybody has the right to function different.

People with a disability are the most discriminated group among people. Many of who gets caught in poverty, are shut out and made invisible because of their disabilities. For an individual with a handicap, the risk is substantially higher to be affected by a catastrophe – often they are the last to get help. At Brallor we support diversity and believe that we all are unique and have our own prerequisites and style. With this said, there was no doubt that we’d like to be involved and support this great initiative.

We create (according to ourselves) the world’s best and coolest swimwear. Therefore, we’d now like to give one of YOU the opportunity to design you very own pair of Brallor – at the same time as we support this good charity. You might be dreaming of a pair of shorts with your own face on? Or maybe a pair of Brallor with meatballs on them to your meatballs-crazy uncle? Or maybe simply a pair with your company’s logo on them to impress your boss?

We are therefore starting an auction at Tradera in favour of Musikhjälpen. In this auction, you have the chance to win the opportunity to design your very own swim shorts, that we’ll produce in a very limited edition of ONE (1) pair to you or your friend. You’ll pick color, pattern and details. We’ll of course help you create the pattern and support with ideas.

If you live in Stockholm, or have the possibility to make it to Stockholm, we’ll take you out for dinner and discuss your shorts together. This way we get to know each other, and we can help you actualize your ideas and embrace your creativity.

  • The bidding is now over, congrats to the winner! Keep an eye out for future stories around what cool and unique swim shorts, or brallor as we like to call them, we create.

Swim Safe,
Team Brallor

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