Since the start in 2015, we have had the honor of working with several exciting companies, such as Nocco, Bastard Burgers and more. Together we have developed products for everything from product launches, specific campaigns to entire collections. We've loved ever single second of these collabs.


After our success with the Nocco Caribbean swim shorts our arrogance grew.. We put together a quick sketch to the…

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Beard Monkey

Beard Monkey is a Swedish brand developed to meet the man’s beauty needs. Based on their logo and graphic guidelines,…

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Design & Production

We'll help you create new products and designs from scratch.


We have long experience from previous successful collaborations.


We take care of the full delivery and customs handling.


We can support in choosing eco-friendly materials.

Do you want to make your idea come true?

We produce smart and environmentally friendly products of the highest quality. Our products are developed and shaped according to our clients' concept to strengthen and distinguish the client's brand. We help with product design, development of offers, innovation, production, webshops and warehousing and international distribution. Does it sound interesting? Contact Erik to get more information about our collabs.