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Dala X Donut – Limited Edition
December 15, 2018 Erik

Dala X Donut – Limited Edition

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What happens if you take loads of Christmas spices and blend ‘em with two of our most popular models? Simply put – Dala X Donut is the answer. Sporting Lucia Dala horses and Saffron donuts.

Do you own a pair? Well. Congratulations to you! Our first ever Limited Edition was released in a quantity of only 100 pieces, perfectly in time for Christmas shopping.

With the same material and fit we´ve all grown to love – but of course with some upgrades. Brand new front and back silicone logos, christmas-red cord and inner-nets followed with all stainless steel details in a matte white finish.

Christmas is best celebrated at the beach!

Keep it real.
Team Brallor

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