As far as we know, we were actually the first.

One pair of Brallor – Five recycled plastic bottles. It might sound like few, but five plastic bottles are actually all it takes to create the polyester needed for a pair of Brallor. The process is simplified into two steps, where the first step is to take care of the collected plastic by grinding and melting it down into pellets. In the second step, these pellets are used to create the polyester threads that we later use when creating the fabric.

Usually, new plastic is manufactured in order to create the required polyester fabric, but since our plastic is recycled we are able to eliminate the processes of creating new plastic. This allows us to save the comprehensive work there is to extract new oil and adding chemicals.

Saving these steps would reasonably make recycled polyester even cheaper than normal, but unfortunately, that’s not the case – at least not yet! Recycling plastic is still an expensive process made on a smaller scale. But hey, at least we are one of many companies who are together taking a huge step forward!

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Stay safe,
Emil & the rest of the Brallor team

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