For you who have read our post about the new star that has entered our team, already know that we are growing. Not only physically from all the Christmas treats, but also now when it comes to our product range. To bring in some new, improved and also some old favorites, we now need to clear som space on our shelves.

Therefor, we now have a campaign reaching through the whole of January or as long as the stock lasts. We are offering between 15-50% off on all items in stock. For an example, you can now get Emil’s favorite, Hot Dog from our Banana Hammock collection for only 20€. That corresponds to 39,6 hot dogs at the Swedish store Biltema, how crazy is that? Worth to mention is also that some of our older prints will not be re-stocked, so hurry up to close in a pair of classics before they are gone. BYE BYE!

Which pairs are not coming back you may ask? Well, we’ll keep that for our self right now. But cheer up pal, it’s nothing to get upset about. We are 100% sure that our new items will make you go nuts. Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter, you can find it in the footer further down on this page. You can also follow us at Instagram to stay updated and be first to know about our news and upcoming releases. It is all happening in 2019.

Keep it real.
Team Brallor

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