Here we go!

This Thursday, two of us from team Brallor met up with the happy winner of our Musikhjäpen auction. For those of you who have no clue what I’m talkin about, head over to the earlier post by clicking here.

Viktor, as his name is, got these unbelievably great opportunity from his wife as a Christmas gift. Possibly the best wife in the world(?). How good? We met up at BAP – Burgers & Pastrami, located at Linnégatan in Stockholm and started brainstorming regarding his new design.

A few beers later, we landed in a pattern that reflects Viktor, but alos what Brallor stands for. We are really happy with the outcome to say the least. Now there is only some small details to polish and the actual production of these very limited shorts thats left to sort out.

A small side note is that BAP, without a doubt serves the best burgers north of Hamburg, Germany. An incredible spot, and a must go to place when visiting Stockholm. I’m writing this a completely impartial, arbitrary and a bit tipsy.

We have now put Mathias in work to produce these shorts together with our suppliers. We hope to be able to update you guys later this summer from the side of the pool, when Viktor for the first time can pull these awesome shorts off. Stay tuned you all.

Over & Out,
Team Brallor

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