Where are your products made?

We create our sunglasses in Italy and our swim shorts in Thailand.

How environment friendly are your products?

We try to get sustainability to flow through everything we do at Brallor. We manufacture our eyewear within the EU to reduce emissions when shipping and we manufacture our swim shorts of recycled plastic. Five plastic bottles correspond to a pair of shorts. Why then manufacture the swimwear in Southeast Asia instead of the EU? Well there are two reasons, one is simply price. We want to be able to offer our swim shorts at a good price. The second and more important is that Southeast Asia is responsible for the majority of plastic emissions in the sea. Therefore, it felt reasonable to take plastic in that area and make it something more environmentally friendly! We also try to avoid plastic as much as possible generally in our packaging, and when we have to use it we try to use recycled plastic, for example the bag that the swim shorts are packaged in are made out of recycled plastic.

How are your products packaged?

Our sunglasses are packed in a travel case that protects your glasses when you are on the move! Our swimwear is packed in a resealable plastic package, made of recycled plastic. Tip: you can use it as a travel package for your liquids when traveling! More information about the respective packaging can be found on the respective product page or simply order them.

How do I wash my swim shorts?

Over-consumption is not good! So take care of your shorts as well as possible so that they also last as long as possible. You can find more specific information on our washing and care guide here. You will also find a washcloth on the inside of your shorts.

What warranty do you provide?

We always provide one year international warranty on all our products. You can read about our guarantee here.

How big are the swim shorts in sizes?

Our shorts are made to fit regardless of body shape but they are some of a more slim fit to. So, if you are between two sizes, we suggest you go up one size rather than down. We have also developed a size guide that you can find here. If you are unsure of what size to order, you can also contact us and we will help you, if you write your length, weight and what size you usually wear in jeans, we can more easily advise!

Does your sunglasses protect against the sun?

Yes, our glasses are CE-certified and have 100% UV400 protection. Don’t worry, we’ll help you protect your eyes in style!


How long does shipping take?

We send your order as quickly as possible with the best courier based on your location and order. Shipping within Sweden usually takes 1-3 days, within Europe 3-5 days and outside Europe 6-9 days. Read about our shipping and delivery terms here.

How can I pay?

You can pay with Klarna within Sweden and PayPal outside Sweden. Both Klarna and PayPal offer several different payment options. Read more about our payment terms here.

How do you handle private information?

We take your privacy very seriously and follow frameworks like GDPR to ensure that they are handled properly. You can read our entire privacy policy here.

How do I contact you?

That’s easy! Either via our email address, via our chat here at down in the right corner or via our social media where you can find us at @brallororiginals. See our contact us page here.