Hello peeps,

After a great 2017 we couldn’t be more excited to launch our SS18 collection.
With our previous collections in mind, we wanted to stay on our earlier track where colors meet funky, but at the same time – make something REALLY crazy…

What began as an April Fool’s joke came true thanks to loads of positive feedback. Thanks to you guys, we were happy to launch our Banana Hammock collection, saying goodbye to tan lines in style!

But has 2018 been simple? Naaah… Many hours of technological hassles, head-scratching and late nights has been something we’ve got to endure. But has it really been so tough? Nah, not when you love what you are doing!

We are also glad to have received reinforcement in form of our old friend Emil Wallerstedt, who will take on the Brallor journey as a CMO. With an outstanding creative mind, he will surely also contribute to new great models!

Other than that, 2018 has had a lot of work being done “behind the scenes” – which is something you all will be seeing very soon… Stay tuned for 2019!

Keep it real.
Team Brallor

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