Hello Peeps,

Brallor Originals are growing really fast, and to be able to cope up in the pace we love to keep, we have obtained the honor to welcome Emil on our crazy journey. A journey towards adding some color to a, in our eyes, old fashioned and relatively boring line of business.

Emil will act as our CMO, and he’s a real ace at both marketing, content and to eat chicken nuggets. The later is definitely the reason why we want to have Emil onboard.

Would you like to know why Pepsi Max is better than Cola Zero? Or maybe discuss memes for hours and hours? Well, then Emil is your go-to guy. Have you further wondered why you even ended up at our site? Emil probably has the answer to that question.

Emil’s Favourite Brallor:

1. Rubber Duck – Ducks often has orange beaks. Something also Emil has experienced after som unlucky turns with the self tan lotion. Therefor, Rubber Duck gets the second place.

2. Ice Cream – The world record to eat as much ice cream as possible in 30 seconds is 264 grams. 264 is also an popular car model from Volvo, the 264TE. Volvo is latin and means roughly ”I’m rolling”. This leads us to Emil’s favourite song; Rollin’ with Limp Bizkit. Ice Cream is for this reason definitely a qualified number three at the list among Emil’s favourite Brallor.

Keep it real,
Team Brallor

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