Hello dudes and dudelitas,

Brallor are growing really fast, and to be able to cope up with our usual pace (pretty damn slow), we now have the honor to welcome Emil to join our journey.

Emil will act as our CMO and is really skillful with both marketing, creative ideas and with eating chicken nuggets.

Would you like to know why Pepsi Max is better than Cola Zero? Or maybe discuss memes for hours and hours? Well, then Emil is your go-to guy. Have you further wondered why you even ended up at our site? Emil probably has the answer to that question.

Emil’s Favourite Brallor:

1. Egg Sandwich – Is there anything better than starting of a nice summer morning with an Egg Sandwich? Probably. Emil means that he “gets pimples” when eating eggs so he’s better off just wearing them. The word wimp is the first that comes to mind, but as long as he is happy, we are too.

2. Donut – Cute and round, just like Emil himself. The beautiful light-blue, mixed with the perfectly light pink he believes blends in perfectly with a nice summer tan whoever wears them. He’s also fast to claim that donuts is a pattern that girls like, which is something we can’t really support since Emil is rumoured to be living in an involuntarily celibacy since 2007.

Swim safe,
Team Brallor

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